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We have plenty of experience working with publishers to accelerate their growth and improve their products. Audience growth, resilient technology, analytics, monetization and content.

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Who we are

A team of maniacs. We are experts, artisans, outside-the-box thinkers.


What we do

Magic with technology. We have years of experience in high-traffic and always-on IT product management.


How we do it

We use the best possible tools. We select specific materials for every project. No magic formulas.


Let’s talk

Bring us your idea, project, problem or need. We can certainly help.




dosunos is a strategic ally in the decision-making process which requires expert advice in order to get accurate, measurable and conclusive results.


Digital Strategy

Nowadays, businesses need to take control of their digital assets. In dosunos, we guide the omnichannel operation and we prioritize conversation over communication.


Digital Product Development

We help businesses build platforms and projects that allow launching digital products without setbacks.



We simplify IT by guiding our clients towards embracing cloud computing, whether it be designing architectures from scratch, migrating obsolete solutions or managing existing infrastructure.



We have more than 20 years of experience providing services in mission-critical digital environments, working side by side with our clients in the infrastructure design, installation, start-up, management, and optimization, adopting and optimizing security policies to guarantee the business continuity.



The media monetize their content with different strategies and business models. In dosunos, we partner with you as consultants, working strategically and applying a hands-on approach with our AdOps 360 team, running and managing all the revenue ecosystem platforms.


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About Us

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Gaston Serralta


With 20 years of experience in the Internet, Media and IT Industry, Gaston carries out dosunos strategic planning. With vast experience in communication and digital marketing, he is in charge of transforming instinct into actions with direct results.

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Gaston Ettedgui


This other Gaston also has 20 years of experience in the design and implementation of solutions based on software and hardware for broadcast and online media. He is responsible for product management, research and the development of new technologies.


Every technological project is complex. Something complex tends to cloud the focus. Loss of focus means loss of useful time. It is essential to count on a single reference to achieve accurate results.


The success of an idea is determined by its degree of originality, by the choice of the most innovative possible way. Technology is synonymous with innovation. Innovation is synonymous with state of the art. State of the art is synonymous with dosunos.


A good idea is only a good start. Achieving success requires the constant support of a multidisciplinary team, dedicated to solving every challenge. And so, results appear sooner than could have been expected.


We are motivated by the idea of reaching goals in the most innovative and accurate way. We consider every challenge as an opportunity to be a step forward. Technology leads towards the business objective with a specific sense and concrete results.


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Honduras 5488, 1º CABA, Argentina

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